Axes Denied was launched in 2003 as a spin-off project of Skyfix, a pop/rock group based in Oulu, Finland. Four members of the band formed the new line-up, adopting a name originally used by Skyfix (and abandoned after two gigs as too damn stupid a joke). Their first goal was to play at Assembly, a huge get-together of demosceners and online gamers held annually in Helsinki. They scored the gig and were received with much enthusiasm.

The band gained a boost of momentum from that initial success and followed it up with a string of performances at parties, clubs and small festivals in Oulu and other Finland locations. The Assembly gig was reprised in 2005, and then again two years later. 2007 also saw the international debut of Axes Denied, when their Danish counterpart Press Play On Tape organised the Copenhagen Retro Concert in the capital city of Denmark. Besides the hosts, Axes Denied shared the stage with Swedish vocal group Visa Röster, pan-European collaboration Stuck In D'80s and British game music legend Rob Hubbard.

Today Axes Denied continue to spread their message of admiration for those who overcame the limitations of evolving audio technology and created pieces of music that we still remember, even if the games themselves are in some cases all but forgotten.